Government Order No843 of 29 June 2019: the toll rate after 01.02.2020 – 2.20 ₽/km

What is an expiration date of the Toll Ticket?

The Toll Ticket expires in 7 days from the date and time specified in such Toll Ticket.

Please be advised that the Toll Ticket can only be cancelled prior to its validity period as specified in the Toll Ticket.

Can I use the Toll Ticket right after purchasing it via mobile application or customer portal on the website?

The Toll Ticket can be used once it has been registered and paid for.

Where can I find my Toll Ticket once I have successfully paid for it via mobile application? Do I have to print it out?

All generated Toll Tickets can be found by System user in the corresponding section of Customer portal or Mobile Application. To move down the Russian federal highways, it is not necessary to print out the Toll Ticket, as the System checks the fact of payment in automatic mode.

How to cancel a Toll Ticket? Can I exchange my Toll Ticket in case of changed route? What kind of route changes can be made?

In case of a route change, vehicle breakdown or in other circumstances the Toll Ticket can be canceled only prior to its activation time specified in the Toll Ticket via Customer portal, Mobile Application, Platon toll collect terminal, at a Toll Service Office or by contacting a Call Centre.

You cannot exchange a Toll Ticket. In order to make any changes to the route, the user must cancel the Toll Ticket before activation time specified in the Toll Ticket when issued and register a new one.

Starting from 15 November 2016, the issued Toll Ticket may be cancelled only prior to date of its activation (the date and time of starting the journey) as per the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1182 dated 14 November 2016.

How to register a Toll Ticket if I have registered, but have not got access to my customer portal?

After registration and obtaining documents confirming the specified data, your data is sent for verification. Once the submitted documents have been successfully verified, you will be granted access to the Customer portal.

Prior to the moment of getting access to the Customer portal, in order to register a Toll Ticket on the website:

  1. go to “New User” section;
  2. go to the “Already Registered, Awaiting Confirmation” subsection;
  3. follow the instructions.

You can also register Toll Tickets in any Platon toll collect terminal.

How to get Toll Ticket issued by template?

A user is free to create a toll ticket template in the customer portal. To do this:

  1. Fil in the form for Toll Ticket generation
  2. A “Save Template” link appears at the bottom of the form
  3. After clicking on the “Save template” link, you will be asked to enter the template name
  4. After entering the template name and clicking on the “Save” link the template will be saved.

Next time you want to register a Toll Ticket, you may use the created template. To do this:

  1. Click the “By Template” button (the button is disabled if there are no templates) in the list of Toll Tickets.
  2. A list of available templates opens.
  3. After selecting one of the templates in the list, the Toll Ticket generation form with fields taken from the template opens.
  4. You can change the form data or leave them unchanged.
  5. Click the “Register” button.

Important! The routing is carried out by template according to current parameters of the list of Russian federal and regional highways.

When making changes to the list of roads and further use of the saved template for registering a Toll Ticket, the cost of the Toll Ticket is calculated in the moment of issue taking into account the relevant state of the roads listed.

If the list of roads has been changed since the last use of the Toll Ticket template, the cost of the Toll Ticket generated according to the saved template also may change. Thus, the Toll Ticket template does not fix the cost, but simply stores the waypoints in order to save the user’s time in the future.