10 October 2018

“Platon” System Services Are Now Available to Shell Fuel Card Holders

From November 9th, 2018 users of the state system “Platon” are able to replenish their account and pay for a toll ticket with Shell fuel cards. This service is available when paying in Customer Service Centers and through “Platon” toll collect terminals. The extension of the service gives extra convenience to the owners of millions of HGVs, registered with the system.

This new service makes it much easier for the Shell customers from 28 countries all over the world to pay “Platon” toll charges: all the transactions will be invoiced in one bill together with fuel and other services, as well as provided on a deferred-payment basis. Full details concerning toll tickets payments will be provided in Shell fuel card holder personal accounts for the purposes of tracking the costs for toll roads.

For “Platon” system users all new service channels are open and all existing payment methods are accessible. Freight forwarders can register in the system at platon.ru or in 138 Customer Service Centers located in each region of the country as well as near the border checkpoints. Users can top up their “Platon” ETCS account through their personal account on the website and in the mobile app, through toll collect terminals and agent network terminals, as well as by mobile credit transfer

Background Information

Shell fuel card business has been successfully operating over 10 years in Russia and more than 50 years in the international market. Over this time, the company has travelled a long way, constantly increasing its presence in countries and regions, growing its fuel station network, improving technologies, and driving more partners. Today Shell has the world’s largest retail chain with more than 43,000 fuel stations operating under one brand. Every day over 25 million customers in more than 80 countries worldwide use Shell fuel station services. Moreover, Shell is one of the key leaders in the European toll road market. Shell fuel cards provide an opportunity to pay for toll highways, tunnels and bridges, use ferry services, emergency roadside service and more. Shell fuel cards are used by Customers from more than 27 countries, and the geography of card acceptance is constantly growing. Fuel cards are only a part of global Shell business, which also includes oil and gas exploration and production, lubricants and aero fuel refining and selling, and more. Shell long history and an extensive portfolio of businesses make the company one of the largest in oil and gas sector and in the world.


“Platon” system is a state system for the collection of toll charges offsetting the damage caused to federal public highways by vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating over 12 tons. More than 56 billion rubles have been collected for road and bridge maintenance and repair through “Platon” system. More than 2,000 km of roads have been repaired using these funds. They are also being spent on the repair of R-243 federal highway from Kostroma to Perm, as well as on the repair and modernization of 30 bridges.