ETC Operator


RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC is a special purpose entity acting under a Concession Agreement with the Russian Federation as represented by the Federal Road Agency (Government Directive No 1662-r of 29 August 2014). Within this agreement, RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC oversees the Electronic Toll Collection infrastructure.

The project is a life cycle contract type, whereby the Concession Operator uses its own and borrowed funds to create the ETC system, to operate and maintain it.

RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC, as the ETC Operator, is responsible for all aspects of the ETC set-up and operations: design, installation and launch, operation and maintenance, and necessary upgrades.

The project implementation period is 13 years from the date of the Concession Agreement (29 September 2014).

Postal address: 127015, Moscow, Vyatskaya street, 27, building 16
CEO: Anton Zamkov
Phone number: +7 (495) 587 0907