What should be done if on-board unit is lost or out of order?

1. In the event of failure or loss of the On-Board Unit when not on the way, an HGV owner informs Operator about that in a shortest time possible and takes the following actions:
(a) makes payment to offset the damages by registering a Toll Ticket,
(b) records the fact of loss of the On-Board Unit by means of personal visiting of the Toll Service Office.

2. In the event the loss or malfunction of the On-Board Unit is detected by HGV owner on the way, the HGV owner must stop the Vehicle, contact the Operator’s Call Centre and report the fact of malfunction or loss of the OBU. The Operator:
(a) identifies the HGV Owner by personal identification code and sets “Malfunction” or “Loss” status;
(b) determines the route point based on the information provided by the HGV Owner;
(c) issues a Toll Ticket to the end point of the route of the HGV Owner or Toll Service Office on the route depending on the balance of the funds on the HGV Owner’s Account such Vehicle is linked to;
(d) debits funds from the HGV Owner’s Account to cover the cost of an issued Toll Ticket;
(e) informs the HGV Owner about the possibility to proceed with the moving.

Thus, if the On-Board Unit is found to be faulty / lost on the way along the Russian federal highway, the HGV Owner is required to contact the Call Centre, report the fact of fault / loss of the On-Board Unit and register a Toll Ticket to proceed with the movement until the nearest parking / unloading place or Toll Service Office to return the OBU. If a failure or loss is detected when not on the way along the Russian federal highway (for example, when the Vehicle is in a garage prior to setting off on a journey), the HGV Owner is required to return the defective OBU to the Toll Service Office or register the fact of malfunction / loss of OBU with the Toll Service Office; registering a Toll Ticket through the Call Centre is not required in this case.

Please be informed that all contents of the faulty On-Board Unit must be delivered to the Toll Service Office as soon as possible, and where the OBU is lost, it is required to file a corresponding application with the Toll Service Office.

Important! Movement of Vehicle along the Russian federal highways with faulty OBU or without the same having failed to register a Toll Ticket will incur imposition of a fine in accordance with applicable law.

Is it necessary to use On-Board Unit when moving along Russian federal highways?

No it is not. There are 2 options for calculating the toll for offsetting the damage:

  • movement with equipped OBU (toll estimation and automatic debiting of the funds from the Account based on the vehicle movement data coming into the OBU system);
  • if OBU is not installed, the HGV Owner must register a Toll Ticket prior to journey for a one-time route and register the Vehicle and the HGV Owner in the Register, provided that no registration was carried out earlier.

How to properly install the On-Board Unit?

Detailed instructions on how to install the On-Board Unit are given to the user along with the On-Board Unit and is made available in the On-Board Units section of the website.

Is it possible to use the On-Board Unit abroad, for instance, on toll roads of the EU states?

No it is not. The On-Board Unit is designed only for being used on the territory of the Russian Federation.

I have an On-Board Unit. What if I deviate from the route due to road closure or in order to avoid getting in a traffic jam?

The On-Board Unit records the movements of the vehicle for automatic debiting of funds from the HGV Owner’s account to cover charges. The user has the right to independently choose and change the route of travel at their discretion when using the OBU. The system automatically analyzes all incoming charging events and payment calculation refers only to sections of the route along the Russian federal highways.

Who can enter into On-Board Unit Acquisition Contract and open account? How does contracting procedure look like? Is it possible to link one OBU to a number of vehicles?

  • A contract for free-of-charge use of OBU can be concluded either by HGV Owner of their authorized representative by contacting a Toll Service Office and providing required set of documents.
  • The list of necessary documents in order to enter into the contract is specified in the On-Board Units section of the website.
  • The account is created in the System automatically after registration in the Register System.
  • Execution of contract takes no more than 30 minutes, provided that all required documents have been submitted.
  • One On-Board Unit is attached to one particular vehicle.

I already have On-Board Units. Can I use them in the System?

The owner of a vehicle registered in the Register is free to register with the Operator a third-party OBU that meets the requirements established by the Operator provided that such vehicle owner or their authorized representative visits Toll Service Office in person based on application filed for registration of third-party OBU and submitted documents as specified in the Regulations on HGV Owner interaction and should such OBU complies with requirements set by Electronic Toll Collection Operator for such devices.

Is it possible to attach the On-Board Unit to account instead of certain vehicle to facilitate OBU transfer within truck fleet?

No, the On-Board Unit can be attached to certain vehicle only. The transfer and use of the On-Board Unit on other vehicles is unacceptable.