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Methods of payment in Platon ETC System

You are free to make payment at any customer service office, customer portal or via mobile application, as well as in one of Platon toll collect terminals using your bank or fuel card of the following payment systems: Mir, Visa, MasterCard, E100, DKV and Shell. To pay in cash, you can use a network of QIWI self-service terminals.

More details about payment methods in Platon ETC system

What is Platon Electronic Toll Collect System? What is the purpose of system creation?

Platon ETC system is created in order to charge fees from owners of vehicles exceeding 12 tons of gross vehicle weight (HGV N3 sub-category) in order to offset the damage caused to the road surface. The received funds will be credited to the Federal Budget of the Russian Federation and allocated for maintenance of highways, financing construction and repair works and improvement of road and transport infrastructure. Project implementation will ensure reaching target points of the program “Development of the Russian Transport System (2010-2020)” (subprogram — “Highways”), while reducing the burden on the state budget and improving transportation and operational state of the Russian federal highways.

How to register with the ETC System Register?

Registration as an HGV owner, as well as registration of a vehicle is available against providing all necessary information and documents:

  • in Toll Service Offices established throughout the Russian Federation;
  • on the system website via Customer portal;
  • in toll collect terminals when registering a Toll Ticket.

More information about registration process can be found on the Registration Procedure page.

How to get a login and password to access Customer portal?

Login and password to Customer portal is provided to HGV owner after successful registration in the ETC system register at the Toll Service Office or online.

What are the benefits of using Customer portal?

Using Customer portal by a registered HGV owner makes it possible to do the following remotely and without contacting the Toll Service Office:

  • include and exclude one’s vehicles in / from the Register;
  • change contact data of HGV owner or authorized persons in the Register;
  • pay a fee to offset caused damage by means of top-up in your Customer portal using a bank card;
  • register, pay for and cancel a Toll Ticket, as well as receive information about Toll Tickets;
  • receive information on cash flow under Account, as well as information on making payments;
  • create groups of vehicles and assign group managers;
  • send requests to an Operator and receive information on results of considered requests.

Is there any mobile application for toll collection? Where one may download it from? It is free?

Applications are available for free installation through built-in application stores (AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store). A successfully registered HGV owner may take advantage of Customer portal functionality via the Mobile Application.

What services are provided by Toll Service Offices?

Toll Service Office provides the following services to HGV owners:

  • provision of information about the ETC system including in a form of a booklet or other information materials;
  • registration as HGV owner in the ETC system register in accordance with the registration procedure;
  • registration of HGV in the ETC system register in accordance with the registration procedure;
  • introduction of changes to the data specified at registration in the ETC system register;
  • conclusion of agreement with Electronic Toll Collection Operator for free-of-charge use of the On-Board Unit (OBU), issue of OBU and briefing on installation and use of the unit;
  • provision of information on estimated fee and procedure of its transfer to the Federal Budget;
  • provision of information on the status of Account including funds crediting and withdrawal history, as well as other information related to settlements;
  • provision of information on advance estimation of payment for a planned route;
  • top-up the account;
  • return of funds failed to be transferred to the Federal Budget as a payment for offsetting the damages;
  • issue and, if necessary, cancel a Toll Ticket;
  • provision of information about one’s personal data in ETC system;
  • sending request to an Operator followed by its documented registration and provision of information on the progress of consideration of the matter;
  • provision of information on the Electronic Toll Collect system.

Information about the nearest Toll Service Office is available on the Toll Service Offices page.

What are the grounds for charging a fee? What transport vehicles are to pay the toll for using the Russian federal highways and which ones are exempt from the payment?

Regulatory documents serving as ground for charging are available in the Downloads section.
The amount of toll and the list of vehicles that are exempt from the payment of the toll is available on the Tariffs and Conditions page.

How data on vehicles movement is collected for toll estimation?

Once an On-Board Unit is installed and activated, the information on an HGV (N3 sub-category) movement is collected via GLONASS or GLONASS / GPS satellite navigation technologies and processed automatically. The data on the route travelled are sent via mobile operator networks to the Data Processing Centre at predetermined intervals. The amount of toll is automatically calculated based on such information collected during 24 hours.

Should the vehicle has no OBU installed, the HGV owner is required to register and pay for the Toll Ticket prior to the start of the journey. In the process of driving, the vehicle should strictly follow the chosen route. The compliance with the route chosen is monitored by ETC Operator through mobile patrols and stationary control systems.

How to pay in advance for moving along a Russian federal highway?

One can pay in advance for offsetting the damage to be caused by top-up of Account and / or registering a Toll Ticket.

The HGV owner may credit the funds to their Account by one of the following ways:

  • by bank transfer;
  • by payment card;
  • via Customer portal or Mobile Application;
  • via Toll Collect Terminal;
  • in a Toll Service Office.

System user can find the bank details for non-cash payment in the Customer portal or at a Toll Service Office.

Does emission class of a vehicle affect the amount of fee to be paid?

No, it doesn’t. The emission class of a vehicle does not affect the amount of the fee charged for offsetting the damage caused to Russian federal highways by vehicles exceeding 12 tons of gross vehicle weight.

Is it safe to share information with you?

All the information provided to ETC Operator is processed and stored in accordance with the Law no.152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

Why does a commercial entity collect state-related funds?

In accordance with the Order No. 1662-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 29 August 2014, RT-Invest Transport System LLC has been defined as a special purpose entity performing a full cycle operations for System creation, as well as functions of Electronic Toll Collection Operator.

Where complaints can be filed?

You can file a claim either via Mobile Application, in your Customer portal, by e-mail, in verbal or written form in Toll Service Office or Call Centre.

How to configure notification on reaching a set account balance threshold?

To configure notification in case of reaching a certain balance threshold in the account you need to:

  • click “Edit” button in the “Profile” section on the “Settings” tab;
  • tick “Enable low balance alerts” (or untick if you no longer want to receive notifications);
  • enter a value of balance threshold to trigger notification for each individual account;
  • press “Save” button to save the settings or “Cancel Editing” if you do not want to save the settings.

Notifications will be displayed in the Customer portal and sent to your email address.

Please be advised that in case an HGV is equipped with an on-board unit and no payment deferral is available for the vehicle, once the amount of cash balance is reduced to a level sufficient to travel only 100 km for each vehicle equipped with OBU listed in the account, a low balance notice appear in the Customer portal. This function operates independently of other settings and such notifications cannot be disabled.

How often reports can be downloaded?

Each report created in the Customer portal can be downloaded no more than once in 2 hours by each contact person. Please be advised that statement and logistics report are generated by the system and sent to the email of contact person requesting such report in the Customer portal.

How to change an email address?

HGV owner may file information about data change with the Electronic Toll Collection Operator including via Customer portal section “Appeals” and attach an application of data amendment. Change of email address in the Customer portal is not possible.

Where to find out more about customer portal functionality?

Customer portal functionality is described in detail in the “Guidelines to Customer portal Handling”.