How often reports can be downloaded?

Each report created in the Customer portal can be downloaded no more than once in 2 hours by each contact person. Please be advised that statement and logistics report are generated by the system and sent to the email of contact person requesting such report in the Customer portal.

Methods of payment in Platon ETC System

You are free to make payment for the toll ticket or as replenishment of your account with ETC Platon by follows ways:
∙ bank transfers (see bank details of the Platon toll system Operator)
∙ payments by bank cards MIR and fleet/service cards E1 CARD, Berlio via customer portal or mobile app. “Platon” as well as at any toll service offices (see maps). Union Pay cards are also accepted at any service office

∙ cash payments in partners self-service terminals;



Important: Since March 10, 2022, payment systems Visa and Mastercard have temporarily suspended their operations in the Russian Federation. Thus, temporarily unavailable in Russia transactions with Visa and MasterCard cards issued by foreign financial institutions (non-residents of Russian Federation) as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay services. Operations by Visa and MasterCard cards issued by Russian banks are carried out without any restrictions.

More details about payment methods in Platon ETC system