28 April 2022

Bank details to replenish account with ETC Platon by bank transfer

Bank details to make replenishment of account with ETC Platon

Beneficiary Full name RT-Invest Transport Systems, Limited Liability Company
Beneficiary Name RTITS LLC
Address 127015, Moscow, Vyatskaya street, 27, building 16
INN 7704869777
KPP 771401001
OGRN 1147746841340
General Director Anton Zamkov
Chief accountant Kovalenok Elena
Bank details Transfer as replenishment of account with Toll collection system Platon
Beneficiary account (RUB) 40702810294000028048
Beneficiary Bank «Gazprombank» (Joint – stock Company), Bank GPB (JSC)
Correspondent account 30101810200000000823
BIK 044525823
Bank address Russian Federation, 16/1, Nametkina Street , Moscow City, 117420
Details of payment {VO70200} Replenishment of account # XXXXXXXXXXXX with Toll collection system PLATON. Not subject to VAT.

Notice: Payment will be accepted in Russian roubles (RUB) only. To transfer funds in other currency it is necessary to convert currency into rubles.