How to find out information about account status and transactions?

The information on the account status and transactions is available to users registered with the System Register in the Customer portal and Mobile Application, in Toll Collect Terminals and can also be obtained by contacting a Call Centre or Toll Service Office.

Who can top-up the account

An HGV owner or their representative.

What is the minimum sum to remain on account of System user?

There is no restriction on the minimum amount of money in the account. The system user needs to bear in mind that in case with OBU installed the amount on the account must be sufficient to move down Russian federal highways. If there is not enough money on the account, in order to avoid committing an administrative offense, the System user should take care of timely replenishment of the account in advance or register a Toll Ticket.

How to find out bank details of ETC Operator for bank transfer?

The System user can find out the bank details for non-cash transactions either in the Customer portal or at the Toll Service Office.

What should be done if payment fails to reach the account, has not been credited in full or an error occurs when topping up one’s account via System / partner toll collect terminal, Customer portal or by bank transfer?

In the event that the payment fails to be credited to the account within the timeframes specified in the Procedure for interaction with HGV owners, not credited in full or an error occurs during the payment process, the HGV owner should contact the Toll Service Office or the Call Centre and produce the copies of payment documents to find out the reason of failure of crediting / incomplete crediting of the sum and determine further actions.

Is there any commission fee for making payment of toll via terminal?

No commission fee is charged, if the sum of toll is paid through own network of toll collect terminals of the ETC Operator.

Is a Vehicles Group Manager allowed to transfer funds from account to any other additional account or withdraw them from the System?

This is not technically available in the system.

Is it possible for an HGV owner or their representative to transfer money between their accounts?

To transfer the funds between the accounts, an HGV owner or their authorized representative is required to file an appropriate application with the Toll Service Office. It is not possible to transfer the funds independently between the accounts within Customer portal.

Is it possible to top up the account from bank account automatically?

You can find out about automatic replenishment of the account from a settlement bank account by contacting a bank where you have a bank account. Should the bank provides this kind of service, you will be required to execute necessary documents for periodic transfer (auto payment) of funds under bank details of the ETC Operator (the details are indicated on the website in the corresponding section — follow the link).