General description

On-Board Units, or OBUs, are an integral part of the Heavy Vehicle Road Toll collection system. An OBU is a device which uses GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS satellite positioning technology to track HGV movements on Russian Federal Highways.

On-Board Units are a convenient option: if a HGV Owner has sufficient funds on their ETC account, the toll charges are calculated and collected automatically in accordance with the data obtained from OBU.

To rent an OBU free of charge, HGV Owners must add themselves to the ETC Register and sign a contract for the free OBU rental with the ETC Operator after submitting the relevant documents and security.

To sign a free rental contract and get an OBU, the HGV Owner or authorised representative must personally come to a Toll Service Office.

Important! An OBU is assigned to a particular Vehicle only, and is non-transferrable.

OBU fitting instructions can be obtained on the ETC website or by calling our 24h Service Hotlines.