10 March 2016

International cargo companies, which use the Federal Highways of the Russian Federation, should register in “Platon” Electronic toll collection system before 15/04/2016

Starting April, 15, 2016 several amendments to “Platon” ETCS’s work sequence come into effect: roadmaps can be arranged only by registered users of ETCS, due to the fact that single Toll ticket that are now being arranged by cargo companies in a simplified way will be abandoned soon. This manner of payment (provision of minimal data) is meant to be a temporary measure, opened for both international and russian cargo companies that postponed mandatory registration before launching “Platon” ETCS on November, 15, 2015. Moreover, Toll ticket’s 7-day period of validity will be set since aforementioned date (15/04/2016).

According to Administrative Violations Code, came into effect 15/12/2015, Federal Transportation Inspection Office is authorized to fine drivers of vehicles owned by foreign cargo companies that haven’t paid through “Platon” ETCS. Moreover, inspectors are also vested with ability to detain vehicle until the reason of detention is removed and the fine is paid. The penalty rate for using Federal Highways without payment is 5 000 rubles both for international and russian cargo companies. Further violation increases fine amount from 5 000 to 10 000 rubles.